RUA Dashboard

RUA Blog Subscriber Pro gives you the power to easily allow your readers to subscribe to your blog. You can view all of your subscribers from the dashboard.

RUA Form

RUA Blog Subscriber Form uses AJAX to submit your readers information. There is an Email verification built in that does not allow for duplicate emails. With the Pro version, you can customize the form with a custom header, custom message, custom success message, custom colors and button text.

RUA Settings

RUA Email Settings gives you the power to totally customize your emails sent to your readers to represent your brand. You can set your name, site url, address, city, state, zip, phone number, logo, email subject, from email address, and custom email messages.

Custom Emails

RUA Blog Subscriber allows you to totally connect with your readers using Custom Emails. Do not want to use the stock email messages. Create your own. Create a Custom Opt-In Email Message and then create a Custom Blog Published Email Message.

Add-On Extensions

If you have the Pro Version you can get Add-On Extensions to make RUA Blog Subscriber plugin, even more, powerful. Right now we have extensions that allow you to sync your subscribers with certain Email Marketing Services.