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Pending list of New Development Ideas/Suggestions

Bulk Import From CSV – Coming Soon

Custom Subscribe Template

Google Recaptcha – Coming Soon

Custom Unsubscribe Template

Export to CVS DONE

Add # of Subscribers to Form DONE

Send over Post Excerpt in Notification Email

Custom Widget

Manual Add/Edit Subscriber Form DONE

Here is a List of New Features Added since RUA started:

  • An email is sent to site admin email address upon new subscriber.
  • This was the MOST requested feature. Only ONE email is sent upon Published Post. No more emails sent when you Edit your post. So you can now edit your post as many times as you like and you will not bother your subscribers.
  • Added a New Tools page
  • Added export by CSV
  • send Published Posts by a single Category
  • New Post Publication emails on a Custom Post Type
  • MANUALLY Add or EDIT your Subscribers Form
  • new settings field: “Your Blog Page URL”
  • Added # of Subscribers to Form
  • Import to CSV – Coming Soon
  • Google Recaptcha – Coming Soon

We Love Our Customers

We Love Our Customers and we want you to be part of the future of RUA Blog Subscriber. We want our users to help drive the new development.


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We Love WordPress

We Love WordPress and love to make awesome things for WordPress. We are a WordPress company!

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